horse age

How to Find Out How Old a Horse Is?

Regardless of the purpose for which a horse is purchased, it is important to be able to accurately determine its age. It becomes the basis for assessing the breeding possibilities of offspring, performing certain tasks and formulating a diet. Of […]

Saddle for a Horse

How to Choose a Saddle for a Horse

A saddle for a riding horse is an element on which the health of an animal and a person directly depends. The importance of choosing it correctly, taking into account the physique and the goals set, is extremely important. The […]

Trim a Horse's Hooves

How to Trim a Horse’s Hooves

Trimming (trimming) the horse’s hooves not only keeps the animal healthy, but is also a great way for its owner to build a strong relationship with his hoofed friend. In theory, the whole process is quite simple, but you will […]